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This summer explore nature, poetry, saints with new children’s books
By Regina Lordan • Catholic News Service • Posted June 5, 2017

“A Muslim Family’s Chair for the Pope: A True Story from Bosnia and Herzegovina” 
by Stefan Salinas. 
Camelopardalis (San Francisco, 2017). 
48 pp., $16.99.

How did a Muslim carpenter from a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina come to make the chair for the papal Mass during Pope Francis’ visit there in 2015? A brave idea, a skilled worker and more than 2,000 hours of hard work led to a collaborative masterpiece. Written from the perspective of Salim Hajderovac, the cheerful and humble carpenter, this book is a wonderful story about interreligious teamwork. Working closely with his good friend the local parish priest, Hajderovac’s brazen idea came to fruition. Within the context of a true story, children will learn a few basic truths about Catholicism and Islam. Ages 6-10.