March & May 4, 2017 Bosnian Newspaper & Medium


The Path to Writing a Children’s Book About Muslims and Christians

Medium Magazine:

“This is ecumenical; this is sorely needed in our world today,” said the lady at the gift shop at the cathedral, in San Francisco where I reside. “Pilgrims look at the cover, notice the Arabic script and crescent moon, and recoil. But once I read the title to them — you know, actually read the book — what a concept, right? — They then relax… At least a little bit.”

I added, “And Pope Francis just visited Egypt, for crying out loud. We were all on our knees praying that he wouldn’t be blown to bits, but forward he went, with faith…”   Read more

Edin, one of the carpenters,  holding a copy of my Muslim-Chair-Pope book, about his family.