Most Holy Redeemer Processional Banner 

Acrylic on fabric • November 2018, Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, San Francisco, CA USA

• Design & painting: Stefan Salinas • Construction: Liz TerboLizard / SF Seamstress

• Materials: Fabric Outlet • Commissioned by William Mathews

Banner in MHR2.jpg
Banner in MHR1.jpg

Christ the Redeemer is presented in this white banner, taking elements from both our beloved window of the Risen Christ, and our statue of Him standing atop the World. Christ is standing in a doorway, the arch is the church. The radiating lines on the upper corners reference popular architectural details on many victorian houses in the neighborhood. Nestled between hills, the Castro neighborhood (Eureka Valley) is seen in the background, and the houses and flowers spill into our space. House windows, blossoms, and circles represent the parishioners, spread out like a field of wildflowers. The parish’s diversity is displayed in the variety of different shapes and colors. The crosses stand for the loved ones who have passed on. The Earth below Christ’s feet is a dahlia, a symbol for dignity and elegance. It is the official flower of San Francisco, declared by the SF Board of Supervisors and Mayor Rolf in 1926.

Design was shaped with the advice of William Mathews and Pastor Matt Link.

It was presented to the Pastor and Liturgical Committee in November, 2018.

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