Catholic Churches Big and Small

Written & illustrated by Stefan Salinas

Have you ever been inside of a Catholic church? Travel with a boy, a girl, their father and a nun as they explore the Catholic churches within a single city.  
It’s a celebration of religious art and architecture - from the historic, to the modern, to the simple, to the ornate... We will encounter special furniture, statues, shapes, colors, stained-glass windows, murals, tapestries, various cultures,... We will learn why we attend church, and much, much more!

"This unique introduction to churches is highly recommended for elementary-age children."
 - Sooner Catholic, Oklahoma City Archdiocese.

"A fantastic book. A simple storyline only adds to the stunning imagery. Simple words that roll off the tongue."
  - Epiphanies of beauty

"The illustrations are detailed yet whimsical.The story is entertaining yet informative.  Each page is a little work of art."
 - Catholic All Year

"I really don't think I can say enough about the illustrations to do them justice."
 - Karen's Adventures in Mommyland


Music:"Wolcum Yole" by Benjamin Britten, performed by the San Francisco Boys Chorus.  From the CD "San Francisco Boys Chorus Sings live"

  • Age Range:    3 - 6 years (& for older siblings, parents and grandparents!)  
  • Format:   Hardcover, 50 pages     Size:     9" x 9"
  • Publisher:   Camelopardalis
  • Language:   English
  • ISBN-10:  0692200886   ISBN-13:  978-0692200889
  • e-book ISBN-10:  0998608815   e-book ISBN-13:  978-0998608815
  • Library of Congress Control N:  2014907020
  • Artwork:  Acrylic, pencil and ink on Canson Mi-Teintes (pearl, indigo blue) and Canson Bristol smooth 100lb.
  • Text Fonts:  Urdu Typesetting and Vani.
 © 2015

© 2015