Photo by Rio Stefanus

Are there any more good old fashioned, hand drawing and painting, flesh-to-brush, pencil and paper, artists out there?  Welcome to the world of Stefan Salinas!  Here you will find works that convey emotions, intelligence and spirituality.  
How to engage readers and viewers?  How can an image get a fresh look on an old concept? These challenges enliven me, and I try to bring that fiery spirit to the product.  I do my best to put my thoughts in the space, place, world of the client's story, vision, etc.

I've spent the last three years writing, illustrating, self-publishing and promoting two children's books.  Along the way I have worked with carpenters, tile printers and stained glass craftsmen to make installations in churches.  A mural here, a logo there, some Photoshop employed to design brochures and banners.  Illustrated for a Jesuit's book, and contributed graphics and logos for the Blind Vietnamese Children Foundation (their art director for ten years) and other non-profits.  Let my hands help your project come to life!

I was born and reared in that great cosmopolitan cow-town known as Houston, Texas, then moved over to San Francisco, California. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Houston in 1997 and have since busied myself with public commissions, painting and working on books.

Clients: The Jesuit Post, The Progressive Magazine, Network Lobby, First Unitarian Universalist churches in Houston & San Francisco, Blind Vietnamese Children Foundation, St. Vincent de Paul Society, St. Philip the Apostle Church, Church of the Visitacion, San Francisco, & Sinn Féin.

Feel free to contact me.  I am available to visit your school, library, church, mosque, etc., etc., etc.

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